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Volume 3 – Issue 1 – 2022

Original Research Article

Optimal Control Of Continuous Fermentation Involving Zymomonas Mobilis

Lakshmi N. Sridhar

Chemical Engineering; University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, PR 00681, (USA)


PAGE NO: 13-17


This article demonstrates the existence of multiple optimal control profiles for the continuous fermentation process involving Zymomonas Mobilis. The optimization package in Python, Pyomo was used to model the dynamic fermentation process and solved the optimal control problem using Nonlinear Programming (NLP) for which local and global optimal profiles are obtained. The NLP optimization solver CONOPT was used to obtain the local optimum profiles while the global solution was confirmed using the deterministic global optimization solver BARON. The results in this manuscript confirm the need to use a global optimization strategies to obtain the parameters required for obtaining performing optimal control in this process.