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Volume 1 – Issue 2 – 2021


Recent Trend In Using Of Nanomaterials In Optical Biosensing

A. I. Abd-Elhamid

Advanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute,
City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTA-City),
New Borg Al-Arab, Alexandria 21934, (EGYPT)

PAGE NO: 83-101


Biosensor is a device that required for selectivity detection of target biomolecule. Biosensor technology has attracted great attentions for wide ranges of applications in many fields such as environmental monitoring, food industry, health diagnostics, medical engineering, clinical, drug discovery and more. Among from various types of the biosensors, optical biosensor attaches more attention due to its applicability, sensitivity, selectivity. Due to the superior properties of the nanopatericles, the incorporation of these nanomaterials in the sensing process will enhance the performance of the optical biosensor. Among of the nanomaterials, metal nanoparticles, quantum dots, magnetic nanoparticles, silica nanoparticles, etc. here in, we will discuss the most-simple and applicable types of optical biosensor e.g. colorimetric, fluorescence.