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Volume 2 – Issue 2 – 2021

Original Research Article

Synthesis of 5-nitro 2-diethylamino 6-methyl pyridine
Organic Crystal By Nitration of 2-diethylamino 6-methyl Pyridine With H2SO4/HNO3

Linsheng Wang*1,2,3

1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba, (JAPAN)
2Shokubai Wang Institute, Tokyo, (JAPAN)
3Sophia University, Tokyo, (JAPAN)

PAGE NO: 70-76


4-nitro 2-diethylamino 5-methyl pyridine (P-NitroC10N2H16) as organic crystal which is the useful intermediate for pharmaceutical synthesis and for production of organic materials, which was usually synthesized by nitration of 2-diethylamino 5-methyl pyridine with H2SO4/HNO3 mixtures, followed by extraction, chromatography column separation and recrystallization three step procedures. Here an innovation process for synthesis of 4-nitro 2-diethylamino 5-methyl pyridine crystal from nitration of C10N2H16 without needing chromatography column separation step is presented. The novel organic synthesis process is more ecologic, economic and environmentally friendly (3E) than the traditional organic synthesis process since the chromatography column separation process is a material consuming and energy consuming step, which needs to dispose large amount of wasted silica beads.