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Volume 1 – Issue 1 – 2021

Original Research Article

Musa Sapientum Peels Extracts Obtained Alternatively Protect Steel Nails For Corrosion In H2SO4 Solution: A Short Communication

Francisco Ricardo C. Nhone1,2, Ivo A. Ricardo3,4*, Domingos Lusitâneo P. Macuvele1,5*, Esaú C. Bandali1

1Department of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics, University of Rovuma, 1111-01 Lichinga-Niassa, (MOZAMBIQUE)
2District Police Command of the Republic of Mozambique-Inhassoro, Inhambane, (MOZAMBIQUE)
3Institute of Chemistry, Federal University of Uberlândia, 38400-902 Uberlândia-MG, (BRAZIL)
4Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences, Save University, 0301-01 Chongoene-Gaza, (MOZAMBIQUE)
5Laboratory of Materials and Scientific Computing (LabMAC), Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, 88040-900 Florianópolis, SC, (BRAZIL)

PAGE NO: 15-18


In last years, the worry regarding to environmental concerns increased exponentially. For these reasons, all fields are attempting to turn process eco-friendly. On the other hand, the iron-based materials are the paramount of many application. However, this material suffers corrosion, and some corrosion inhibitors are not eco-friendly. More recently, the search of green inhibitors increased much attention. Therefore, this work evaluated the Musa sapientum peels extracts obtained alternatively as a green corrosion inhibitor for steel nails in H2SO4 solution. Musa sapientum peels extracts were obtained by combination of drying, mortaring and hydroethanolic extraction. Inhibition efficiency of Musa Sapientum peels extracts was evaluated by weight loss method. The results showed that the Musa sapientum peels extracts protected the steel nails. Furthermore, the inhibition efficiency achieved, at highest concentration a value of 97.34±0.24 %.