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Volume 4 – Issue 2 – 2023

Original Research Article

Influence Of Iron Ore Pellet Size On Some Properties Of Sponge Iron In Midrex Technology

Mohsen Javaheri*, Ali Yarahmadi, Hossein Salari, Mostafa Salari, Ehsan Musaeipoor, Behnam Azartoos

Gol – Gohar Iron & Steel Development Company, Sirjan, (IRAN)

PAGE NO: 122-124


The properties of sponge iron produced by Midrex technology depend on the physical and chemical characteristics of the iron ore pellets as raw material. Iron ore Pellet is in the size range of 8 to 16 mm which charged into a shaft furnace of midrex plant. By increasing the size of the pellets, the amount of iron oxide and after that, the cold compressive strength has been decreased. When the FeO increases, and then the fine of sponge iron increases which reduces its quality.