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Volume 3 – Issue 1 – 2022

Original Research Article

Simple Method For Determining The Dissociation Constant Of Acetic Acid Based On Conductivity Measurement

Bui Xuan Vuong

Faculty of Pedagogy in Natural Sciences, Sai Gon University, 273 An Duong Vuong, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, (VIETNAM)

PAGE NO: 78-81


The acid dissociation constant is a value that is essential to understanding basic reactions in chemistry. These values represent the deprotonation state of a molecule in a solvent medium. Based on the value of dissociation constant (Ka), we can investigate the important properties such as the bio-activity, the absorbance and ionization degree of organic compounds at different environments. Therefore, the determination of dissociation constant plays an important role in the study of chemical processes. This work present a simple method to determine the dissociation constant based on conductivity measurement. Acetic acid is objective for this study. The obtained value of dissociation constant for acetic acid is to 1.79*10-5, which is perfectly matches the actual value. Therefore, this method can be very effective way for determining the Ka values of other acids, especially acids of unknown name.