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Exploratory Environmental Science Research

Volume 2 – Issue 1 – 2021


Impact And Assessment Of As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant On The Water Quality Of The Zarqa River: A Review

Marwan Alraggad1,2, Abdulbari A. Ahmad1*
1Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management,
70 Ahmed Tarawneh st. Jubeiha 11941, Amman, (JORDAN)
2University of Jordan, Water, Energy and Environment Center, Amman 11942, (JORDAN)

PAGE NO: 01-08


The purpose of this review was investigated of the impact and assessment of As-Samra wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) on the water quality of the Zarqa River (ZR). The As-Samra WWTP is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Jordan discharges around 110 m3/ year of effluent municipal wastewater to Zarqa River. The assessment of the As-Samra WWTP considers influent, effluent reclaimed wastewater and treatment efficiency. The main pollutants released to the river are organics, nutrients, phosphorous, microbial contamination, pharmaceutical compounds, and solid waste. Characterization of wastewater was evaluated the influent and effluent of the As-Samra WWTP. The maximum treated of the As-Samra treatment plant all parameters are above 90%. In concluded, this review shows that the effluent treated water before reuse in agriculture irrigation needs advanced treatment to prevent its impact on environment and then human health.