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Volume 1 – Issue 1 – 2020

Inorganic Natural Nano Particles To Upgrade Tensile Properties Of Waste Jute Fibre Reinforced Nylon Composite


Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department, Bangladesh University of
Engineering and Technology, Dhaka-1000, (BANGLADESH)

PAGE NO: 14-21


Composites are wonderful materials in the sense of a good combination of many useful engineering properties. In this regard, polymer composites have gained much more attention because of their light weight, low cost, ease of fabrication, corrosion and wear resistance, etc. For the development of polymer based green composites, the role of natural fibres is growing at an increasing rate in the field of engineering and technology, where jute fibre is a potential candidate. Polymer based composites reinforced with waste natural fibre usually result poor to very moderate tensile strength that, naturally, restricts their uses only in some ordinary applications. This article reports the experimental results on the effect of locally produced river based nano silica sand and clay particles to enhance the tensile properties of nylon based composite reinforced with jute fibres of industrial waste. For doing this, at first, 90% nylon and 10% untreated jute fibre reinforced composite was developed. In the next stage, 1% locally produced natural inorganic nano particles (either silica or clay) were added separately in the nylon-jute composite to make nano structured composites. All composites were then characterized by tensile tests. Experimental results revealed that nano silica sand or clay particles could be a very good source for low cost reinforcement material to increase the tensile properties of nylon.