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Exploratory Environmental Science Research

Volume 1 – Issue 2 – 2020

Original Research Article

Thermal Neutron Fission of Uranium-233 by Monte-Carlo Method

Sevil Akçalar

Engineering Faculty, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, (TURKEY)

PAGE NO: 201-207


In order to investigate the thermal fission of U-233, a detailed simulation program has been put together with an operational mode. In the calculations carried out by Monte-Carlo method, the distribution of the secondary mass chain yield obtained through slow neutron fission, independent yield of secondary products as well as their independent yield fractions have been calculated and charge distributions of secondary products and their most probable charge values have been found. The variation of the number of prompt neutrons emitted from the product with the mass number; and similarly energy spectra of the products in the laboratory and in the center of mass systems have been studied. Due to the fact that Adiabatic model has been found to have produced better results in slow neutron fission systems during previous experimental studies, the rate of deformation energy in this study has been calculated by utilizing adiabatic model as well. The distribution of the energy of the gamma rays emitted from the product with the mass of the product itself has been investigated. The width parameter of the secondary product charge distribution of U-233 in thermal neutron fission has also been investigated. The results obtained have been compared with the other thermal fission systems and experimental values available.