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Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers – Exploratory Materials Science Research Journal

Dear Materials Science Professionals,

Exploratory Materials Science Research invites you to join our esteemed panel of ad hoc reviewers. We are actively seeking experienced professionals to contribute to the expansion of our reviewer pool. This effort aims to ensure the provision of substantive and timely feedback, diversify our pool of reviewers, and encourage early career colleagues to share their expertise.

Interested in Reviewing? Have Questions? Contact the Editorial Office.

What is Peer Review?

Peer review is the cornerstone of scientific publishing. When you review a manuscript, your expertise is acknowledged, and your opinion is valued. As a service to our authors, we aim to provide prompt, constructive feedback to help improve manuscripts before publication. We rely on our reviewers to share their experience and expertise, ensuring the publication of high-quality research and reviews.

Who Can Become a Reviewer?

We are looking for peer reviewers who:

  • Hold academic credentials
  • Are active in the field of materials science research
  • Can provide constructive criticism
  • Possess a minimum of a terminal degree (PhD) with a few years of experience

Benefits of Reviewing for Exploratory Materials Science Research:

  • Recognition as an ad hoc reviewer in our annual list
  • Development of your professional service portfolio
  • First-hand insight into the quality of research published in our journals
  • Access to cutting-edge scientific work, helping you stay ahead in your field

The Peer Review Process:

  • Initial review by the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor or Guest Editor
  • Manuscripts passing editorial review are sent to at least two expert reviewers
  • Decision based on feedback and editorial judgment

About the Journal:

Exploratory Materials Science Research publishes high-quality original research and completed studies in materials science. We cover various aspects, including Biomaterials, Ceramics and Composites, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Metals and Alloys, Nanomaterials, Polymers and Plastics, and Surfaces, Coatings, and Films.

Reviewer Responsibilities:

Reviewers should:

  • Be aware of the journal’s scope, audience, and policies
  • Be knowledgeable and qualified in the subject matter
  • Provide constructive, relevant, and unbiased reviews
  • Return reviews in a timely manner

Reviewers should not:

  • Agree to review in case of a conflict of interest
  • Agree to review if unable to provide a fair, impartial review
  • Agree to review if unable to meet deadlines
  • Disclose identifiable information about themselves
  • Allude to rejection or publication in their comments
  • Attempt to contact authors
  • Disclose information about a manuscript prior to publication

We welcome your expertise in advancing materials science. To apply to join our Reviewers’ team Click Here or if you have questions, please email the Editorial Office.

Thank you for considering this invitation. Your commitment is essential to maintaining the integrity and quality of scientific literature.

Ambaa Mehta
Administration Head
Exploratory Materials Science Research