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Volume 6 – Issue 1 – 2024


Synthesis Of High Temperature Resistant And Optically Transparent Al-O-N
Material With The Help Of Different Additives By Reaction Sintering—An Overview

Gouranga Saha1, Sourajit Banerjee1, Tanmoy Das1,2*

1Dept. of Chemistry, The University of Burdwan, Burdwan – 713104, W.B., (INDIA)
2*Formerly: Central Glass & Ceramic Res. Instt., Jadavpur, Kolkata, (INDIA)

PAGE NO: 045-052


The formation of aluminum oxynitride (AlON) ceramic material from Al203 and AIN was investigated as a function of different additive in the pressure less Reaction Sintering. It was shown that cubic aluminum oxynitride spinel which is compositionally centered at around 35.7mol% AIN. This is equivalent to the following stoichiometric composition: Al23027 N5 or 5AIN. 9 Al203. Single-phase ALON material sintered to nearly full density exhibits transparency in visible light. The paper reports the application of dopants as a composite sintering additive for the fabrication of γ-AlON transparent ceramics by pressure less sintering.