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Govt. of India Trust : E/11049/Rajkot
Income tax of India 80G : AADTK8161HF20221
Income tax of India 12A : AADTK8161HE20217

Our mission is to produce the finest research materials in the world. To that end, we do our utmost to ensure that all of our authors have an outstanding experience publishing with Not-For-Profit OrganizationKnowledge Empowerment Foundation (Indian Gov.Reg. No. E/11049/Rajkot).

We strive to highlight the best research in a wide array of fields and to present it to our readers on a single platform. We serve our publications in both print and online format to maximize accessibility and marketability.

The Process

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We approach business decisions in a systematic fashion and have developed a set of standards for acceptance of proposals and production of manuscripts.

Every proposal we receive undergoes a rigorous assessment process that includes a review by subject matter experts and a separate review for plagiarism.

Once a manuscript is approved by all of our experts, it enters the production process with the aim of producing the highest quality, easiest to read publications in both print and online versions.

We correspond openly with our authors at every step.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We continually upgrade our policies and standards in accordance with the latest technical developments.
  2. We are constantly searching for outlets to expand the reach of our publications, including major libraries and both online and offline booksellers.

We Put Our Authors First

We follow an author-centric approach. We work closely with our authors to ensure their completed books are of the highest possible quality in as short a time as possible. Everything we do is to support our authors.

We focus on cutting through the bureaucratic nonsense and streamlining the process for both our authors and readers and make every book available online.

Sales and Marketing

Knowledge Empowerment Foundation (Not-for-Profit organization) has a strong global marketing and sales committee looking for opportunities for our authors across the world. We have a wide range of marketing activities designed to help your manuscript sell.

Reviews and Advertising

We give our authors access to our reviewer database and work closely with them to ensure relevant reviewers have review copies, and that advertisements are places in relevant journals and magazines.

Direct Mail

We have an extensive mailing list of customers, researchers, lecturers, booksellers, librarians, etc. worldwide to whom we send catalogs of books, textbooks, and individual book flyers.

We Work with Booksellers and Distributors

Our sales team maintains constant contact with booksellers and librarians across the globe, ensuring they’re fully aware of our latest publications and have sufficient stock for their clientele.

Online Marketing

Our internet marketing team works diligently to conceptualize, design, and implement new online marketing strategies regularly.  These often include:

  1. Uploading your books on all websites as soon as it’s ready.
  2. Promoting books through website and e-mail alerts wherever relevant.
  3. Highlighting new books on our site during the month of production.
  4. Providing information regarding newly published books to all leading online booksellers and distributors like Amazon, BookData, Ingram, and others.
  5. Placing book reviews online when received.
  6. Linking the book page with the author’s website.
  7. Providing sample chapters to readers.
  8. Announcing the publication of new books in relevant newsgroups.
  9. Promoting books through e-mail newsletters organized by subject.
  10. Promoting books through social media, search engines, and other relevant online ports.

Book Fairs and Conferences

KEF actively participates in major international book fairs and conferences internationally, displaying relevant books and promotional catalogs on our site during these events.

Advertisement Policy

Advertisements placed in KEF publications or on the KEF website are accepted only if they meet legal, social, professional, and ethical considerations. We encourage advertisements that are in keeping with the scholarly and professional nature of the publication.

For any further inquiry or if you require any other assistance, please contact us at